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“Be Your Own Master Coach”

with Bridget Sampson

This is a trying time for everyone. For many people, working from home and social distancing is a new experience. Bridget Sampson is a renowned consultant and master coach. Having held workshops for Google and Mattel, Bridget understands what it takes to better oneself. Listen in as she shares the five steps to self-coaching and how to turn this trying time into a moment of opportunity.

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Bridget Sampson

As the Founder and current CEO of Sampson Coaching & Consulting, She’s passionate about helping individuals, businesses, and universities generate transformational results.

She grew up on Long Island, New York until her family relocated to sunny southern California when she was 14. She attended North Hollywood High and was intrigued by the many different cultures and ways people communicated… in hindsight.

After graduation, She began her college experience as a political science major because she wanted to save the world (and still do!). She discovered her strengths and realized her fascination with communication and relationships would align better with a Speech Communication major, so once she switched, she was off and running!


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Here is a snippet of Bridget and Kalika Yap where she shares tips for video conference meetings.



If we’re putting value out there and we’re helping…
It will lead to good.
Bridget Sampson


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