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A Modern-Day Matchmaker

with Violet Lim



Violet Lim is a mother, entrepreneur, and modern-day matchmaker.

In 2004, Violet noticed a business opportunity amidst the busy lives of professionals. This led her to establish Lunch Actually with her then-fiancé, now husband Jamie Lee.

Today, Lunch Actually is Asia’s largest premier lunch dating company, with offices in major cities.

Moreover, Violet and Jamie also founded Esync and LunchClick for online and offline dating services.

Further, she is the first Asian certified by the Matchmaking Institute in New York, holds insights into the industry, and has appeared in 2500+ media coverages. Violet Lim is indeed the modern-day matchmaker of Asia.

Married to Jamie with two kids, her goal is to create a million happy marriages through Lunch Actually Group.

“Women entrepreneurs find men to be intimidated by their success and sometimes find it difficult to find someone at the same level” 

– Violet Lim

In this EO Wonder Podcast episode, Violet shares her dating services and narrates her entrepreneurial journey that commenced at 24.

Moreover, she elaborates on the inception of the LunchClick app, examines the challenges single female entrepreneurs face in finding a match, and shares her tactics for balancing her businesses with her personal life.

Tune in to discover why Violet positions her desk on the opposite end of the office from her husband’s, how she arranges her own monthly “dates,” and her noteworthy influence on the upcoming generation (with a hint: babies!).

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