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A Fit Body and a Strong Mind

with Felicia Alexander



Having a dream is one thing, but making that dream come true is another. From an early age, Felicia Alexander has had an eye for fitness. Listen in as she shares the story of how she started her company, Box Union, a contemporary boxing studio designed to build a fit body and strong mind. From working in corporate to leaping into entrepreneurship, Felicia knows what it takes to execute your dream. Tune in!

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Meet Felicia Alexander of BoxUnion

Felicia, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?

Ironically, I couldn’t have started my career further from fitness. After graduating from Stanford and receiving my MBA from UCLA, I worked in sales and marketing with companies like Mattel and Sony. Most recently BBU (Before BoxUnion!) I was the VP of Sales & Marketing at Demand Media, now Leaf Group.

Throughout my life, I always loved fitness. I am still a total studio junkie. My (now) business partner, Todd Wadler, and I had known each other for over ten years and we saw a very clear gap in the market around boxing. It is such an empowering skill, and a total sweat session, but it is often extremely inaccessible in the fitness market. I put on my first pair of gloves when I was 16 after my dad suddenly passed away. Beyond a total body workout, it was cathartic and helped build my confidence.

We wanted to bring the amazing benefits of boxing to everyone—all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels in a way that was fun and accessible. From that belief, BoxUnion was born.

Down for the count? Ready to throw in the towel?

Get inspired by Felicia Stanger Alexander the Co-Founder of Box Union on how she built an incredible boxing tribe to discover your inner fighter.

Listen in on how she ignored naysayers made the courageous transition from the corporate track to entrepreneurship and how she’s pivoting today.






“Business owners should really recognize that your customers love you for who you are and for what you offer to them.”
– Felicia AlexanderFelicia Alexander

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