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Meet Our Host Kalika Yap

Kalika Yap


Kalika Yap is a native of Quezon City, Philippines, and a kamaaina of Honolulu, Hawaii, she started out working as a journalist for CNBC and Bloomberg after graduating from NYU.

She loved the bustle of New York City but traded it in for the West Coast. The move wasn’t an easy one – finding a journalism job in Los Angeles proved more difficult than in media capital New York.

In love with California, she decided to make lemons out of lemonade. At one point, she was couch-surfing and making $6/hr under the table at the first internet cafe in Southern California. She’s since grown her companies to revenues of $35M+

Our Host Kalika Yap is a Super Woman!

Besides being a podcaster, our host Kalika Yap is a serial (concurrent) entrepreneur, inventor, and author. Her businesses include the award-winning brand agency Citrus Studios, Luxe Link, the Waxing Co., the Tangerine Co. & Orange & Bergamot.

Kalika is an entrepreneur mom of two entrepreneurial girls, Malia & Kailani, Founders of Conscious Kids Cookies.

Kalika Yap is the author of the little brand book, published by one of the world’s top publishing houses Harper Collins, and the host of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) Wonder Podcast.

Kalika Yap

Her goal is to help 1M women entrepreneurs, make $1M in revenue, and create 1M jobs! Helping 1M women entrepreneurs seems a pretty big goal, but with the EO Wonder Podcast and her other engagements, she is close to reaching this goal.

The EO Wonder Podcast features women entrepreneurs and business owners who have inspiring and motivating stories to share with our audience. Together with Kalika Yap, they are empowering women around the globe to make significant positive changes in their lives. Start watching the episodes of Wonder with Kalika and be inspired. If you have great stories to share, you can become a guest on the show.

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We are always on the lookout for someone who can be part of our growing podcast. Our goal is to empower entrepreneurs, especially women entrepreneurs, to change the world.

With the belief that EO Wonder Podcast is a strong bridge that connects successful individuals to countless men and women who look for role models, we invite you to sit with us and share some inspiration.

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