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7 Tips for Success from a PR and Connection Superhero

Justin Breen self-describes as “a Dad who happens to be an entrepreneur.” For him building connection with people matters the most.

His own father died when Justin was just 13, so spending time with his sons, ages 8 and 10, takes precedence over all else.

Five years ago, Justin started his public relations company, BrEpic Communications, with zero business experience. After being a journalist for 20 years, Justin created his company for two reasons:

1. To create stories that people will understand and that the media wants to cover.

2. To get those stories out into the world.

Justin joined EO Accelerator and leveraged his global network to achieve success. He quickly qualified to join EO Chicago. As a connecting superhero for visionary entrepreneurs with an abundance mindset, he partners with numerous EO members.

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